What is Failure?

Failure is the greatest Teacher of all time.

Failure is the best experience in Life.

And in order to experience failure, we need to surpass fear.

According to french neuropsychiatrist Boris Cyrulnik[1], one of the many ways to have resilience, one must go through trauma. Trauma is immense pain (physically or psychologically or even both) inflicted externally to a person: It leaves this particular person bathed in fear. But once we’ve overcome fear, the notion of victim is transformed into a person with resiliency.

Therefore, we are strategically designed to experience failure in order to suceed.

We are made to fail. We are not made to be afraid. Fear should not stop us. Actually, fear is the absence of success, because when we’re not afraid, we can climb mountains and concretize our dreams. And to do that, we need to learn to accept to fall as many times as it takes to get where we need to get to by overcoming fear.

What is Fear?

Fear is the enemy:

We are afraid of getting hurt.

We are afraid of dying.

We are afraid of failing.

We are afraid of what others think about us.

We are afraid of not succeeding.

And the list goes on.

But fear is a necessary step for our own evolution because on the other side of fear, there is freedom.

How to overcome fear?

We were born with imperfections, and throughout life we experience pain and suffering.

If we were perfect and never experienced failure in life, we would be boring, not bringing any value to this world. Through our own experience, we can make the environment which we live in a better place for ourselves and the future generations that will come after we are long gone. Our experiences are who we are, what has built us to become the people we are today. It shows us that we are unique thus bringing an authentic experience to the world, a human progress in the face of evolution.

To overcome fear, we need to accept our past (even if it’s not our fault), live the present moment by being grateful with what we already have, and plan for the future.

Life is all about uncertainty, honestly. We’re never certain when we’re going to die, or to go bankrupt when the market goes down the hill like a roller coaster. We never know if we’ll find that right person unless we put ourselves to the world. We are filled with anxiety problems; we hide behind shattered smiles we fix through photoshop and filters. That is the wrong side of life. Life is all about taking risks after studying carefully our steps. I mean you don’t jump out of the plane with no parachutes.

Failing to achieve Success

Let me tell you that you never know the risk until you take that first extra step. It will hurt, but it will not kill you, it will only make you stronger and wiser.

If you have a dream, you should not be afraid to fail. You need to fail a lot to learn a lot and to achieve your dream.

Failure is a great way to know the areas you need to work on in order to evolve.

Every step you take, makes you stronger, because of the lessons you’ve learned from this particular failure.

You never know you can fly, if you don’t try. Just put wings on and try to reach for the stars.

If you want to succeed in a particular field, you need to accept failure as a teacher. You need to be consistent to master what you do. And you have to hold yourself accountable for the outcomes you drew. Because when you draw a path to walk on, you need to ask yourself, every single morning, for the result you want to get. And if you failed not reaching a particular result you’ve planned for, chances are the way you’ve decided to go through is not working for you so you need to change the strategy, even if it’s taking it from the beginning. Therefore, failure is important, it teaches you which strategy works.

Once you’ve failed and learned the lessons from your own failures, you can help others by showing them a way to follow. I mean, we are all born leaders. We follow no one except the seed planted in us, which we call talent. For each one of us is unique. Our uniqueness is made to help the whole environment, as we are all part of the same eco-system. 


The more obstacles you have in front of you, the more reasons you have to succeed.

Eventually people are going to hurt you and you might be all alone with no one is by your side except for the things you truly believe in.

Truly I say, people around you will do their best to bring you down. But instead of hating them and crying your heart out or seeking vengeance, you should pity them, because instead of focusing on themselves to be the best versions of who they are, they are wasting their time criticizing and envying your way of life. And trust me, when I say life will avenge you, I’m not lying.

Sometimes we need to know the taste of the dirt when life and people push us down on the floor, so we can rise up and show others the way to greatness.

Gravity keeps pushing us down, but we keep trying to reach for the stars. That is the called evolution. If you static, sitting behind that desk all day long, working for someone else all day long, and he getting richer and successful because of your work and ideas, sooner or later you will end up on your death bed surrounded by all your unfulfilled dreams, and that’s what hurts God, Nature or whatever you believe in.

When you have a seed planted in yourself, it is your responsibility to share it with the world!


Sarah N.


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[1] B. Cyrulnik, Resilience: How your inner strength can set you free from the past, TarcherPerigee; Original edition, (February 17, 2011), 978-1585428502, 320 p. 

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