A very special person in my life, my aunt Lilian, once told me the following: If you want to do what you love, no one can stop you, for you are responsible of your own success and failure; if you fail, you get back up again until you succeed…

Hence, don’t be afraid to follow your passion.

You will fail a lot, you will suffer, and sometimes you’ll feel like the whole world is against you. But failure is a necessary step to learn the right way to get there and eventually you’ll become successful when the right time comes.

But when do you know when the right time is? it is only when you feel deep down inside of you an urge to express whatever you are meant to do, and that is the first step towards success.

Success is determined by the quality and the effiscient consistency you put into work by doing what you love, or what you need to do;

So what is your passion, your goal, your gift? If you want to discover it, you have to know yourself, know WHY you are here, WHAT makes you fulfilled, HOW you’re making someone else’s life better… Ask yourself essential questions to know the seed hidden inside you and that is waiting anxiously to manifest itself.

Love, Sarah.

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