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In this article, we’ll be talking about Black Page syndrome, in shorter terms BPS, with some tips to help you overcome it if you are currently facing it or you faced it before.

Know first that most artists go through BPS, and some wait for BPS in order to unleash their expression in a powerful way when that phase ends. But this article is for those who are stressed about BPS.

I’ve been drawing since I’m a little girl, and it’s my passion. But there are those times when I have my paper in front of me, I am holding the pen ready to draw because I feel like I really want to express myself, but eventually nothing comes out.

This is what we call the Blank Page Syndrome or what we call BPS.

Basically, the Blank page syndrome is an overwhelming sensation that leaves you with nothing but frustration.

When this occurs, you may be going through a lack of energy, stress, your environment is unhealthy, etc. there are plenty of causes that make you feel like you are stuck, unable to express yourself although you are aching to do it.

You feel like you are unable to develop or create a composition or a text that is valuable enough for you. The worse is when you Procrastinate, finding an excuse to avoid creating.

So as promised, here are some tips that may help you overcome BPS:

  • You can check out social media and other artists what they’re doing, getting enough information and inspiration that can help you. I’ll leave you with my social media in the box below if you feel like checking them out, getting inspired by them.
  • You may also have a conversation with your friends, or a stranger, socializing in order to discover new ideas. Venturing into an unknown world of concepts and ideas. Sometimes encountering people is a great way to communicate and enhance your own ideas.
  • Go on a vacation. That is my favorite. Because it helps me to recharge and unleash that extra amount of pressure that is one of the main reasons why sometimes I Block out in front of my blank page. And that is why I chose to talk about Inspiration and BPS in this video when you see me drawing the Liberty enlightening the world. I was inspired by it from my 2019 trip to New York. I usually draw nature and portraits, but New York gave me something else, and then back to Paris, I was so inspired that I drew several New Yorkese landscape.
  • I am not talking only about Vacation, taking the plane, and go to an expensive place, but also a walk in nature, or a movie for example might inspire you to create.
  • Take a piece of paper, and do not be afraid to unleash anything, even if it doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes the best artworks are the first impressions that come out.
  • Don’t confuse with procrastinating. Just set your mind at ease, breath for a couple of minutes, meditate, and go back again. In the end, BPS will fall out, and you’ll create something anyway.
  • At least but not last, my best advice is when you have BPS moments, just unleash your frustration by writing or drawing anything, even if it doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes it’s the best way to unleash this extra amount of pressure.


BPS is a normal state of mind that occurs when feel that huge amount of pressure.

But no worries, with some inspiration, interacting with people, being in the right environment, unleashing these over-oppressive thoughts on a piece of paper, or even meditating, you will surely overcome the BPS.

All you need to do is to be Passionate and Organized to know what to create.

So that’s it, guys. I hope these tips, that I use personally, helped you and don’t hesitate to comment below if you have a question or want to know more about BPS.

See you next time,


Sarah N.

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