The 5 essential life lessons that the confinement taught us

The world’s gone mad. Fires across the Amazon in 2019, followed by the one in Australia and now we’re dealing with a deadly disease. We are walking towards our own destruction. By all standards, we have exposed the fragility of our social, financial, and health system. Devoured by anxiety due to a confinement inflicted upon us by our worldwide governments, we’ve let fear govern our home and the media is not really helping.

However, if we look at the positive side of the confinement, we’ll see that it was necessary to stop the propagation of COVID19. Furthermore, it helped us grasp the essence of social bonding. Therefore, in this article, I’ll be talking about 5 main and essential life lessons that the confinement period taught us.

1. If you are not bringing value to this world then you are wasting your time

Photography of an installation :
Artists’ drawing projected on her hand.

I believe that we are here for a purpose. We have limited time on our hands, hence the best way to live fully our lives is to bring value to the world around us
Each and every one of us has a gift: it is our responsibility to manifest it so we can all grow together to become the best versions of ourselves in order to live in a better world.
Corona Virus taught us that our social bonding is primary to our survival. We need each other’s. So why not start with what we know and share it with the world?

2. Take care of your loved ones before it’s too late

Le Chevalier du Louvre
Sketch drawing of an outdoor statue by the Louvre

With the virus outbreak, we found ourselves obliged to be confined and, in many cases, far away from our loved ones. In normal times we never have the time to visit or check on people we care about, family, friends, etc. mostly we come up with valid excuses, unconsciously made, to avoid those who will always be there with us. It’s within our human nature to be selfish, running away from responsibility. We are responsible for people who do not have the force to fight live on their own. Sometimes we forget about them telling ourselves that they drag us down. However, we should not forget that these are the people who raised us, loved us, we’re there for us when time was harsh, never left us, we always counted on them when we needed them. We should be thankful, giving daily gratitude for those people for the people we are today. We should never forget and we should respect them. It is our responsibility to take care of them.

3. Discover your potential

Cast Drawing of a hand
Pen on Ingres paper

The first thing we need to do is to discover ourselves, what is hidden deep in ourselves, who we truly are and the potential we have. Truly I tell you, you were not created by the incident because you were brought to life by a higher force binding us all together in a relationship. In each and every one of us, there is seed awaited to flourish. Your seed is something you have since birth that you hold in yourself and not found in others. Your seed is your responsibility. Your seed is your talent, it is with what you bring value to this world. You need to plant the seed and water it. Give it time to grow to become a tree because trees connect with each other in a visible and invisible manner to our eyes. You cannot know your true potential unless you plant the seed in the correct soil.

4. Be grateful for the things that you already have

Olive Tree
Pen on paper

You already have everything you need. Contentment is an essential ally for your positive mind. However, it does not mean you should not be ambitious, for ambition is the drive to become the best version of yourself and to achieve your dreams. However, you need to have first a very strong base, a background, in case you fall, and you are going to fail a great number of times which are essential for your life learning process, you fall not on rocks and break yourself not being able to get back up. Be grateful for what you already accomplished. Spend a day with people that you care about, cherish them. You are an amazing person already so give thanks to yourself. Life is already harsh, you need to take of yourself, to love yourself, and to give thanks to all the things that you already have to pursue in life.

5. Take care of your environment

The pine tree alley
Acrylic paint on canvas

Nature is our source of life. We need to take care of our environment. We recently witnessed drastic fires in the Amazon and Australia and that was a worldwide tragedy from which came out nothing but death and loss. Big companies will pursue their agenda, paying media and professionals to sell their products. How sad is this? I mean we will do everything to gain more power and money. We need to start working out our way from this. We need to start back from scratch. We need to start connecting again with ourselves and the environment around us. We need to nurture our community. It is essential for our existence. We need to start thinking about the other before ourselves for the sake of our children and those who will come after we are long gone. Taking care of our environment is primordial.


Blinded by our selfishness, the COVID19 outbreak was inevitable. The market has crashed, millions of people lost their job and it seems like there is no hope at all. Because of greed, we are walking towards our own self-destruction. We have polluted everything because of our avarice and political megalomania.

Therefore, we are going to have to adjust to the outcomes that we caused by our own hands. As we are entering a new post-COVID19 era, our only hope is to accept what we already have and to build something new and positive for the generations to come.


All artworks above are original and created by Sarah N Art Work.

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